Conventional salt-lamps are nice to look at and the beneficial effect has often been hailed in particular because of it ionises the air. The warmth of the light-source promotes the ionisation of the air. Salt-lamps are made of rock salt which is pressed hard, which strongly reduces its solubility in the air. With the salt from the Dead Sea in our Salt Caves things are different.

This salt is highly soluble and enriches the air with negative ions. Room humidity should not be higher than 40% and room temperature not warmer than 25°C, otherwise the naturally pure salt bricks of the salt cave walls produced by a specially patented method and on the floor would dissolve. An air conditioning system prevents this and ensures a pleasant room temperature. The "Dead Sea Salt Cave Therapy" of the Danube health resorts is used successfully in the Czech Republic, Poland and now in a German clinic to treat respiratory ailments and in breathing difficulties.

Our world of transport, electricity, high-energy waves, electronic equipment and many other conveniences of modern society essentially generate an excess of positive ions, which disturbs the electrical balance in the air. We can see this imbalance in the excess dust development, smoke hangs in the air longer and we feel nauseous and exhausted. The excess quantity of positive ions leads to a imbalance in the environment in which we live and can lead to fatigue, loss of concentration, migraine, sleeplessness, fear attacks, breathing problems and immuno-deficiency. This has to do with the fact that our entire nervous system needs an excess of negative ions in order to function smoothly. You can relax and breathe in real salty air for 45 minutes while listening to calming music, pleasant lighting and in the atmosphere of a "genuine cave", which is the equivalent of a three-day stay at the beach.

Feel the difference between the visit to a genuine "Dead Sea Cave" and a normal rock salt cave

If you have thyroid gland problems, you should consult your doctor beforehand, especially if you want a series of treatments.

The clean ionised air in the Salt Cave enables an improvement in general wellbeing and has a positive influence on the recovery process in:

  • lung and bronchial illnesses:
    bronchial asthma and bronchitis, all atypical lung and bronchial diseases
  • heart and vascular diseases:
    circulatory de-compensation, high blood pressure, conditions following a heart attack
  • complaints of the digestive system:
    stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, inflammation of the colon, Crohn's Disease,
  • skin diseases:
    skin rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis
  • dysfunction of the vegetative nervous system:
    circulatory disorders, caused by adverse effects on the control of circulatory activity; disorders of movements in the colon
  • neuroses and neurotic conditions:
    neuroses caused by chronic illnesses and fatigue; psychosomatic disorders
  • stress caused by a lack of micro-elements
  • allergies

A positive influence of the dead-sea-salt cave is undisputed in respect of the above-mentioned illnesses. Children with complaints such as respiratory ailments also like visiting the salt cave due to the natural treatment and the cave's atmosphere. In many cases treatment with medication has proven unnecessary.